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Who We Are

We are a non-profit childcare center, owned and operated by Calvary Church, serving Norfolk County and the surrounding areas since 1988.  Our daycare hours of operation are 7:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.  We are fully licensed through the Ministry of Education; Early Years Division to provide affordable, inclusive, quality childcare for 180 children, aged 0 to 8 years.

As a Christian childcare center we incorporate Biblical teaching and prayer into our regular daily programming.  More specifically, we provide devotional circles where Bible stories are taught and positive Biblical values for life are emphasized. 


Furthermore, we base our system of beliefs firmly on God’s word, the Holy Bible, in its entirety and recognize the importance of Christ-centered living through abiding by and exemplifying Biblical principles and standards in every day life.


Most importantly we celebrate children as individuals, created by God himself, and count it an honour to facilitate in their development. 




 Check out our      natural based  playgrounds!



Meet Our Daycare Director!

Lyn is the Pastoral Daycare Director. Lyn has been working in child care for a long time, but her passion for children and their development is always growing. As a mother, a registered ECE and director of Calvary Daycare, Lyn believes that every child is a special and unique gift from God and are very intelligent little people with their own thoughts and ideas about the world. Lyn values her hardworking staff and their daily devotion to helping children grow and develop. Similarly, she values her community and would love to connect with you.

​Our Staff

Here at Calvary we value our staff and our staff value our families. Our trained teachers provide an educational program encouraging development in all domains of learning; cognitive, social, emotional, physical, lingual and spiritual.  Program approach and activities include circles or group times, creatives, sensory/science labs, fine/gross motor manipulatives, free play, dramatic play, outdoor play, field trips, special guest visitors, etc. for all age groups in a safe, nurturing, loving and encouraging environment.

Here at Calvary Daycare we often have Fanshawe College students on placement and we also welcome co-op students and other volunteers.  At no time are students or volunteers counted in ratio or left alone with the children.  The mentoring staff are responsible for the supervision of students and volunteers.​

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