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An important note if you are looking for a space for your child/children in Calvary Daycare: 

All children (exception of Before and After school and summer camps) must be registered on the Haldimand Norfolk One List.  There is no fee required to be on the waitlist.  Priority is given to in house families for available spaces.  The director will strive to be equitable and use the waitlist to offer available spots.  If a parent is on the One List they may call the director to ask where they are on the waitlist.  

We offer three enrollment options:

1.  Tuesday/Thursday     

2.  Monday/Wednesday/Friday   

3.  Five Days a Week


Infant Program:

Ratio 3 children to 1 staff (10 children to 3 staff); children approx. age: 0 to 18 months

Toddler Program: 

Ratio 5 children to 1 staff; children approx. age 18 to 30 months

Preschool Program:

Ratio 8 children to 1 staff; children approx. age 2.5 to 4 years

New for Sept. 2023 - Preschool Shorter Day

Ratio 8 children to 1 staff; children born in 2020. The day runs from 8:30am - 2:30pm on school instructional days only.

Before/After School Care:

Jr. & Sr. Kindergarten: Ratio 1 staff to 13 children

Grade 1-2: Ratio 1 staff to 15 children

Camp Calvary: children ages 4-10 years; summer, PA days and March Break (dependent on attendance request)

Want to register on the One List? Click the link below:

Haldimand/Norfolk One List

Drop-in Days

Drop-in days maybe available to in-house families if space allows.  Please submit written request to the office.


Orientation and Enrollment

When we have an available space for your child we invite parents/guardians and their children to visit our center. This visit is a time for parents/guardians to ask their childcare questions, have opportunity to meet our teachers and familiarize their children with our programs.

Following the visit, an enrollment package is distributed to the family and must be fully completed and returned to the daycare office at least 3 days prior to the first day of care. A 2 week deposit of fees, accompanied by a $50 non-refundable registration fee is required.  When you return your package, please ensure one of the office staff goes through it to make sure everything is complete or there may be a delay in your start date. Parents may be able to book some play dates or request a staggered start for the benefit of a smooth transition. (Ask the Pastoral Daycare Director for availability)

Program Fees

Infant Program: $53/day      CWELCC $25.04

Toddler Program: $50/day.   CWELCC $23.63

Preschool Program: $48/day CWELCC $22.68

Preschool Shorter Day $38/day CWELCC $17.96

Before/After School:        

Before school:  $8/day 

After school:  $18/day      CWELCC (kinders only) $12

Before & After:$23/day CWELCC (kinders only) $12

Camp Calvary Days: $38/day (PA Days, March and Summer Breaks). CWELCC (kinders only) $17.96

Payments can be made weekly, bi-weekly or monthly by cash or cheque made payable to Calvary Daycare or an e-transfer sent to  Post-dated cheques are gladly accepted.  Please keep in mind that your payments are due to the daycare office, IN ADVANCE OF SERVICE, on the Monday of the upcoming pay period.  You will receive a receipt at the end of each year for income tax purposes.

Should you need assistance with childcare payments, please talk to us about childcare subsidies available through Norfolk County.

The childcare center may terminate services if policies are not followed or fees are not paid.

Holidays & Closures

Calvary Daycare will be closed on the below stated statutory holidays: 

Note: You will be responsible for your regular childcare fees on these days if your child is scheduled to attend.


                  NEW YEAR’S DAY (January)                                             FAMILY DAY (February)

                  GOOD FRIDAY (March/April)                                            VICTORIA DAY (May)

                  CANADA DAY (July)                                                            CIVIC HOLIDAY (August)

                  LABOUR DAY (September)                                               THANKSGIVING DAY (October)    

                  CHRISTMAS DAY (December)                                          BOXING DAY (December)


Other closures:  

Note: There will be no fees incurred for these days.

                  Easter Monday

                  The Friday of the Labour Day Weekend (last day of summer) we will be closed for a staff day.

                  The Days between Christmas and New Year.

                   Snow Days (see below)


Sometimes the daycare closes for the staff to participate in professional learning.  If this is to happen you will be given adequate notice.

Closures due to weather or emergency circumstances:

If Norfolk schools (Zone One) are closed due to weather, the daycare will be closed.  We will post our daycare closures on CD 98.9 fm by 6:30 am on their website (, our private Facebook page (Calvary Daycare Connects)  and radio announcements only IF WE ARE CLOSED.     


If, for any reason, your child will be absent for the day, please notify us by 9:00am.  This will enable us to keep accurate records, ensure your child’s safety and arrange our staffing. 

Changes to Your Child's Enrollment

If you wish to make changes to your child’s schedule please submit your request in writing to the daycare office or to the Pastoral Daycare Director.  If it is a drop-in request the Daycare Director will let you know if there is room to accommodate your child that day.  If it is a permanent request the Pastoral Daycare Director will let you know when there is space available to change days.  At that time an Alteration to Enrollment Form must be completed, signed and returned to the daycare office.


A permanent space cannot be guaranteed if you wish to temporarily withdraw your child and re-enroll.  Similarly, if you reduce your child’s days we cannot guarantee a full-time space when you need it. (ie: Maternity Leave)  We will do our best to accommodate our Calvary families but cannot hold spaces.

Permanent Withdrawal

Should you choose to permanently withdraw your child from our care, you must give us THREE WEEKS WRITTEN NOTICE.  If notice is not received, full payment of fees will be charged and payment required for the three-week notice period. 

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