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Whether you are already a part of our Calvary Daycare family or just checking things out, we are glad you're here. It is important to us that our parents are partnered with us in the care for their children. We take pride in our Daycare facilities, families, staff and principles and make it a daily objective to strive for excellence in all we do. The parents corner is a place where we want to answer questions, provide important information about your child and what's going on at Calvary Daycare. Make sure to check out our calendar for important dates and reminders! 

Parent Handbook

Our website contains the majority of information that you need to know from our Parent Handbook, however we want to provide you with a copy of the handbook in case there is anything we do not include on our pages or if you would like to have a hard copy for yourself. Clicking on the button below will give you access to our official parent handbook.


If you are looking for a spot in our Daycare, your child must be registered on the Haldimand Norfolk One List (with the exception of Before and After school and Summer Camps).  There is no fee required to be on the waitlist.  Priority is given to in house families for available spaces.  The director will strive to be equitable and use the waitlist to offer available spots.   If a parent is on the One List they may call the director to ask where they are on the waitlist.   

Nutrition at Daycare

We provide your child with a nutritious morning snack, midday meal and afternoon snack. We also provide a fresh fruit basket in each room for the children to eat whenever they are hungry. Our daycare cooks, in consultation with the Health Unit, have set out our seasonal menus.  Our menus rotate on a four-week basis and are posted outside the daycare kitchen for your perusal.  From time to time a menu change may occur due to foods in season and the rotation of food supplies.  A copy of the menu is available in the daycare office.


Special dietary needs and allergies will be posted in the classrooms, kitchen and common areas.  If your child has special dietary needs or food allergies, please contact the daycare office immediately to discuss alterations.  There is a “Menu Alteration” form, which must be completed to help us keep track of your child’s alternative menu plans.  You will be responsible to provide the daycare cooks with alternate food and drink. 


Due to the rise in and severity of peanut/tree nut allergies, we have chosen to become a "nut aware’ facility. To observe, respect and protect those susceptible, we ask that you BRING NO FOOD OR DRINK  into the daycare without prior permission from the directors. All food brought in to share must be bought and clearly labeled peanuts/tree nut free.  Please bring all food to the office for approval.  Further, we ask that you thoroughly wash your child’s hands and face before bringing them to daycare. 

"What happens when my child is sick or becomes ill at daycare?"

It is difficult to know whether to bring your child to daycare when they are not feeling 100% and at the end of the day, you know your child best.  A good rule that we suggest is can your child fully participate in daily activities. 

If your child is ill with a common or communicable illness, as listed below, he/she will not be permitted to attend daycare.  

  • Elevated temperature (38.5°C (101.4°F) or higher)                                                                                       

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomiting  

  • Red or discharging eyes

  • Undiagnosed skin rashes


Should your child become ill with the above, while in our care, you will be called to pick them up from daycare as soon as possible.  Your child will be isolated from the other children until your arrival.  If your child is on a special diet or medication that can change his/her bodily functions and may exhibit some of the above symptoms, please notify their educator.


Be assured that we maintain accurate records of ill health as observed in the children, to further protect the well being of all children, staff and families in our care.

When we are aware of a communicable disease in the daycare it will be posted by the daycare office. The posting will be inform you of the signs and symptoms, incubation and isolation periods of the infectious communicable disease and when your child has been exposed.   We encourage you to observe your child take them to a family practitioner when suspected of contracting such illnesses.

Medication Policy

At Calvary Daycare we will only administer allergy, anaphylactic, asthma and fever induced seizure medications to children in the form of antihistamines, epi-pens, puffers and “over the counter” fever medications (i.e. Advil, Motrin, Tylenol). The directors or the staff member caring for the particular child will administer all of the above stated medications.  If you do not have extra medication to leave at the daycare indefinitely it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to remember to retrieve it at the end of the day.  Please notify the directors if your child needs any of the above stated medications administered while in our care.  There will be paper work (Individual Plan) for you to fill out, and to maintain quality care for your child, we will do an annual review of their individual plan.  

"What About Immunizations?"

Our licensing regulations stipulate that prior to your enrollment with us, your child must be immunized as recommended by the Medical Officer of Health.  There are two exceptions to this requirement.  One; if your child has a medical condition hindering routine immunization checkups.  This requires a statement of medical exemption signed by your doctor. Two; if you have a religious or conscientious objection. This requires a signed affidavit.  If you choose not to immunize, your child will be immediately excluded from daycare should there be an outbreak of one of the communicable diseases noted by the Medical Officer of Health.

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Still have a question or concern? Head over to the contact page, we want to hear from you!
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